What we’re about

MIGHTY is a Perth based branding agency, focused on bringing rad, on-trend strategy and design to a city ruled by generic corporate agencies. We collaborate with dope local and international artists as well as work some of the best brand strategists kicking, to bring you a tasty fresh brand, tailor made for your company.

Building your brand is more than just a nice logo and an attractive typeface, it’s the foundation in connecting with your target market. Developing your brand means moulding the perception of your business in the mind of your audience, doing this well will allow you to stand out and solidify your place in your market. It was once said that if you don’t build your brand, somebody will build it for you, and that somebody will most likely be your competitors. At MIGHTY, nothing is more important to us than helping you develop the strongest, most authentic brand possible.

We believe 4 Keys to a strong brand are IDENTITY, POSITIONING, AUTHENTICITY and CONNECTION. If you want us to help you develop your brand, definitely hit us up, we would love to buy you a coffee.


CALEB STENT – Founder and Kick Ass Strategist

I started MIGHTY 2 years ago, with a passion to make Perth a place of cultural significance and to help all you homies trying to do something awesome. I love branding, doing good work, music, food, bodyboarding, art, NBA, old motorcycles, JC, my pug and my fiancé. Keen to kick it with you!

JEFF EFFENDI – Digital Design Beast and Wordsmith

Leaving behind a career in laws for creative fuelled weeks, I’m now a pug-owning creative consultant, digital designer and copywriter by day, Fantasy Basketball gun by night. I’m passionate about uplifting and empowering brands that mean something to the world and have worked with organisations such as UNICEF Australia and the World Economic Forum. Have I mentioned I’m really good at Fantasy Basketball?

CHIEF THE PUG – Captain of Steez

This little dude loves food, car rides, walks, sleeping and peeing on things. Provides a lot of love and moral support but doesn’t always come when called. He likes to keep it steezy.