Frisch and Barć Case Study

Frisch and Barć was the second collaboration with MIGHTY and the Wong family. Johnny had a hunger to cook a brunch menu that Perth had never experienced.

MIGHTY built this brand around community. We wanted it to be more than a cafe, we wanted to create a place that people could call home.

This is the brand story MIGHTY developed for Frisch and Barć.

Our name and subsequent story starts in a slightly unusual place. In 1886 Vienna, Austria, a baby by the name of Karl Ritter von Frisch was born. In his lifetime, Frisch grew up to become an ethologist (someone who studies animal behaviour), and during his heyday, Frisch studied the social and communicative interaction of European honeybees. So you might be thinking, “What the heck does this have to do with a café in Perth?” Well, what Frisch discovered was pretty special, so special that he was even awarded a Nobel Prize for his work. Frisch found that bees are more than just mindless drones all going about their business. He actually found that bees intricately communicate and interact with one another and the environment around them to build the barć (wild beehive). In doing this, bees are able to create an amazing community that wouldn’t exist without them or them without it. Frisch and Barć is centred around community. Giving you a place to feel welcomed and relaxed whether it’s grabbing a quick coffee before work, spending time with friends and loved ones, or anything in between. We hope you enjoy our speciality coffee, tea and food, because, our Barć is your Barć.

Along with the brand development, MIGHTY worked along side a number of local and international artists to develop the visual identity of Frisch and Barć.

We worked with Norwegian designer, Jørgen Grøtal to develop the logo. Jørgen had the perfect hand drawn style to compliment the brand.

We worked with local interior designer, Asha Hall, from Ash and Colour, to develop the interior space. Asha was able to take the brand brief and translate that wonderfully into the cafe’s interior.

And we worked with local artists Andrew Frazer and Ika Jumali(Cheeks) to paint and draw our wall art.

MIGHTY developed and designed all brand collaterals (menu, signage, stickers, photography and social media artwork) to bring Frisch and Barć to market.

After the café opened, MIGHTY stayed on board to manage the Frisch and Barć brand and social media accounts ensure long term brand equity.

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